Saturday, January 9, 2010

work makes my brain hurt

Eventually, I'll settle in. Sure, once I settle in and get used to how everything is, everything will change, but let's ignore that inevitability for now. It amazes me how some [granted, significant] changes at work can effect the rest of my life so completely and turn my world topsy-turvy. There were those two crazy weeks where I was working the second shift again, depriving me of the opportunity to unwind by making dinner and then spending time with my husband while eating it. Once I knew I would be back to "normal" I got all kinds of adventurous with my menu and had some thrilling stories to tell.

These past two days have not fit that pattern. I'm making myself post tonight just so I stay in the habit, but it's going to be a struggle finding something interesting to say about dinner. I don't even have pictures!

Last night we had Seitan Chow Fun and I must say, it did come out really well. I didn't remember the sauce being that flavorful, but it still wasn't quite note-worthy (which may be why I didn't remember it from last time). Tonight I made BBQ Pomegranate Tofu with Coconut Rice which is always a winner...unless the rice sucks. I don't know what went wrong. Sometimes, I really think Someone Upstairs is trying to tell me I shouldn't make rice, because of all the things to be bad at, I don't know how I mess up something this simple so frequently. I would like to blame tonight's rice debacle on two things that I can label as Not My Fault.

1. My delightful new Calphalon Contemporary 2.5 qt saucepan. I love it, but I'm not used to it yet, so I haven't figured out how to keep the flame under it for optimal rice-heating.

2. I used a different Jasmine rice tonight. Usually, I either use the WF store brand or Lundberg Farms Jasmine, but neither were available, so my choices were Basmati or a different brand of Jasmine. It had a cool-looking bag, so I thought it would do, but when I opened the bag, there was an obvious difference between this rice and the grains I usually cook.

So, there you go - not my fault.

In other news, I got to use my new zester to add little shavings of lime zest to the rice and that was fun. As always, I have exactly enough sauce and rice left for the other meal later this week.

Well, three weeks of 6-day work-weeks have taken their toll on my creativity - I've hit a wall. I can't have an entire post without pictures, though, so check out me exploring my affinity for vegetables way back in the day...
Mister and I agree that I have this toddler-Liv-Tyler thing going on here.
It's the eyes.
cucumbers are always exciting

nom, nom, nom
Funny thing is, I don't actually like raw tomatoes.


  1. I sympathize. I'm running a tax office for tax season and all of us (except for one person) are first year prepares and I am in my first management role. After this week, my time to cook will be very limited and I may be surviving on Vega Smoothies and Larabars for a bit. I keep trying to remind myself that I have to have fun or I'll go crazy. But I'm already planning on a nervous breakdown on April 16th.

    And I have to make the Seitan Chow Fun from Vegan Express. It would be a great dinner to come home to or even take into work (if I get a chance at a reheated meal).

  2. I love these pictures! It's funny though, I only remember you eating hotdogs and mac and cheese when we were growing up. I think you liked playing with vegetables more than you like eating them :)