Tuesday, June 22, 2010

angst loves hummus, but not chickpeas

Let me describe one of my favorite moments of the day:

After a 30ish mile drive home from work (which affords me time to listen to an entire CD while cursing at the idiots traveling in the passing lane), I find parking and walk to my home.  I carefully open the mailbox so I can catch the mailman's booby-trapped mail-art before it falls between the stairs and the wall.  By the way, none of this is the fun part.  Here it comes:  I put my key in the lock to my door and when I open it just a few inches, a fuzzy little head pokes out to say, "Hey Lady, I missed you!"

Then I have to shoo Angst away from the door so I can open it far enough for a human body to fit through, but it's just so cute how he greets me at the door!

I love when he sleeps with his head on his pillow, too.

We blew his mind the other day by giving him hummus (favorite) on a piece of not-broken spinach (favorite).  He licked the hummus off and then looked really confused, since apparently his own slobber made the spinach "broken" and unappetizing.

Tonight, I made Chickpea Croquettes with Greek Salad Topping from the October 2009 edition of Vegetarian Times Magazine.  There were a few fun things about this:

1. They ended up looking just like the picture in the magazine.  This is rare for me, so I always consider it a victory when it happens.

2. Chickpea flour smells.  A lot.  And not very good.

3. The batter was really runny after I added the lemon juice and I had absolutely no faith these would come out well, but they really did.

4. Angst may like hummus, but he wanted nothing to do with our chickpea croquettes.

I served these tasty, dense little buggers with a little bowl full of mixed olives - kalamata, green olives with Sicilian spices, and large green olives stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes - those last ones are intense!  When we finished eating, there was exactly one serving left: 2 chickpea croquettes, about 1/3 cup of the salad topping, and for fun, fat, and beauty, I tossed one of each kind of olive (fine, there were two kalamatas!) in my tupperware.  It looks so pretty I almost took a picture of tomorrow's lunch, but I have to tell you - it doesn't look any different from dinner, aside from being confined to a plastic bowl.  Tupperware, even by KitchenAid, is not nearly as attractive as my hand-painted dinner plates.  If anyone really wants to see my work-lunch, please leave me a comment before 8:30 AM EST and I'll snap one before I go to work.

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