Monday, August 30, 2010

sloppy joe and snobby jane

Snobby Joes from Veganomicon seemed a fitting way to celebrate the end of Monday.

I served them open-faced on freshly baked kaiser rolls.  Mister trudged through the heat with me to get them at Superfresh tonight.  I rewarded him by not making him put back the Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Bread he swiped off the shelf when he thought I wasn't looking.

They were just as thick and flavorful as they appear and lived up to my memory of the last time I made them.  At the end of our meal, Mister's napkin was a disaster and as one might expect, there were bits of peppers, tomato, and lentils gooped here and there on his plate.

I am the only person I know who can eat open-faced sloppy joes and not have to wash the plate afterward:

The napkin is clean, too.

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