Monday, April 4, 2011

ail et au citron

I think I'm going to come out with a "signature scent," meant specifically to be worn on the fingertips.  Obviously, I have no idea how to make or market perfume, and if my name appeared on cosmetic shelves, it would only be followed by the oohing and ahhing of people wondering just who the h*** Natalie K is.  Nevertheless, someday when I'm famous, women everywhere will riot for the opportunity to wear Natalie K's Ail et au Citron*.  If it does well enough, maybe we'll come up with a brut aftershave for men...

I'm normally pretty good at following directions, mainly because I figure they're there for a reason and the originator of the directions knows better than me.  However, I think I've missed the point of Appetite for Reduction.  Surely, if I developed a serious weight problem and had reason to "take it seriously," this would be a great cookbook to follow the directions to a "t" and lose weight while enjoying delicious and diverse creations.

Fortunately, I don't have a weight problem.


Seriously, though - can you look at the Chickpea Piccata, nestled in its little cloud of fluffy mashed potatoes, settled on a bed of baby arugula and tell me, truthfully, that you could refrain from having seconds?  Of course not!  And that's just from looking at a picture - if you had one little taste of the rich, lemony-yet-savory sauce or bit into a single creamy chickpea or briny caper, you could not stop.  If you could have smelled the scents wafting through my home, you'd have been following your nose into the kitchen just like Mister did.  If you could enjoy the texture contrast of creamy, fluffy mashed potatoes against crunchy, peppery, green arugula, you could not resist a second helping.

Mister and I sure couldn't.  We'll add this to the No Leftovers Series.

*if you can't read French, check out google translator.


  1. Hee. I'm the same way with AfR. Thankfully I don't have to worry about portion sizes, which is great because the stuff in this book is so tasty I would have a hard time sticking to the recommended amounts sometimes!

  2. haha - I have a hard time sticking to the recommended serving EVERYtimes. It's all just so darn good...

    I'm glad I'm not alone :)