Wednesday, November 16, 2011

your daily b*tch(es)

Last Christmas [I gave you my heart - come on, sing along!], my sister(in-law) gave me a wonderful gift.  It's a gift I get to enjoy every single day, and I'm not talking about her brother.  She gave me a Skinny Bitch daily calendar.  This means that every day there is a new nugget of wisdom, served up with a side of KickYourA$$ and sometimes a tall glass of Reality.

I actually took it to work and had it on my desk at my old job and my former boss used to get almost as much joy from it as I did, so after I left, if the Wisdom Nugget was particularly useful, I would email him and always use the title Your Daily Bitch.  Lucky you, you get a double dose.

B*tch #1: working an 11-hour day because Black Friday is coming and apparently that means we have to rearrange the entire store.  Fortunately, I adore my new colleagues and there was generous "overtime compensation" provided by the Pres: gourmet pizza (including an incredible tomato pie with jade-green pesto swirls) and high-end beer (but I drank Smirnoff Ice because I don't like beer and I missed being trashy).  Nevertheless, my feet hurt and I'm exhausted, so this is kind of my way of copping out.

Which leads to....

Bitch #2: brought to you from a particularly useful day on the Skinny Bitch calendar that now lives on my desk at home:
THIS IS YOUR LIFE!  Live it to the fullest with reckless abandon.  Seize the day.  And do it again tomorrow.  Live.  Go get your dream job.  Search for your dream man.  Fear nothing.  Try everything.  Be excited.  Dance.  You'll never get yesterday back, but today is yours for the taking.  Make it great. (my emphasis added)

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