Wednesday, November 25, 2009

looks like we made it

By we, I mean me and my imaginary clones that helped me get all my work done these past two days. I can't believe I just used a Barry Manilow song as the title of my post.

Anyway, to celebrate the end of my very short but action-packed work week, I made Greek Orzo Stuffed Peppers.
Aren't they pretty? There were supposed to be four peppers, but I don't see how there would have been enough stuffing without gypping the three I did halve and fill. Also, I couldn't tolerate the thought of gutting that last pepper, so I'll eat it tomorrow with my eggplant.
Very tasty little dinner. It would only have been improved by the presence of a cocktail. I am presently obsessed with drinking a French Martini (vodka, chambord, pineapple juice). I suppose I could make one myself, but my martini glasses are at my parents' house and I don't have any of the necessary ingredients anyway.

I am so looking forward to my day off tomorrow. I plan to run all over Philadelphia, so I hope the weather is nice, or at least not crappy. I still need to get a few food ingredients and I realized the other day that making tofu turkeys will be very difficult without a turkey-shaped cookie cutter. I am not free-handing it. How hard can it be to find a turkey-shaped cookie cutter? I guess we'll find out tomorrow!

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