Thursday, July 8, 2010

tastes like chicken

Tonight I made the last dinner on my menu, Antipasto Salad (Accidental Vegan) with Italian Tofu from VwaV.  Honestly, the tofu was kind of an afterthought - my real desire was to make the salad and I was not disappointed!

Artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, chickpeas, and olives, dressed in a herbed vinaigrette - it's subdued nature was outstanding (figure that out) in that it merely enhanced the complementary flavors of the marinated artichokes and red peppers and covered the scent of the chickpeas.  The tofu was quite noteworthy, however - marinated and seared on a dry skillet.  It was very good and Angst felt like he needed to do a little quality control...three times!  I couldn't believe it when I gave him a piece of tofu and he actually ate it.  I really couldn't believe it when he begged for more!  Twice!  So he had three kitty-sized servings of tofu. 

As I munched through my own pieces, I couldn't help but wonder if his attraction (he has never showed interest in tofu before, ever) was due to the inescapable impression that the tofu tasted like chicken.  I kid you not, the taste was so realistic, I felt like I shouldn't be eating it and kept staring at the mushy white inside to convince myself that it was, in fact, tofu that I was eating.

Well, that does it for this week's menu, so that means that tomorrow I will either be enjoying a happy little date at Horizons or my dinner story will be somewhat wild and entertaining...or maybe both!

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