Saturday, July 17, 2010

there's always room for F-A-I-L

It's kind of like JELL-O but without the fun and happy (and boiled bones, but we'll leave that off for now).

Despite an ardent desire to stay in my bed this morning when Mister rose for work, I got up and threw on something that at least partially resembled what they call "an outfit."  I did this because the maintenance guy told Mister he would be coming to fix our drainage situation around 10am.  As time ticked by (and I grew more ticked off), I started to wonder whether he meant 10am Eastern, Central, Mountain, or Pacific the time I had to take a washcloth "bath" for the third day in a row so I could go to work, I didn't really care what time zone he was on as long as I came home to a functional bathroom.

That didn't happen and that really tweaked me.  If there is one thing in this world that really gets under my skin, it's incompetence.  How hard is it, really, to be where you say you'll be, when you say you'll be there, doing what you're paid to do?  I do it with relatively little effort 5-6 days each week!

Mister had to call because I didn't think I could be nice.  To my great surprise, Captain Can't-Do-My-Job did find his way here at 8pm, and seemed to feel that his excuses would somehow pardon our still-broken bathroom.
  • If you are in my building but not my apartment, you failed.
  • If you failed to do your job right the first time, don't look to me for compassion about having to come back to do it.
  • When I haven't showered in three days, got up early, and didn't go food shopping because I was expecting you to arrive 10 hours ago, do not anticipate sympathy from me that you had to park 5 blocks away because it's Saturday night and I live near Philadelphia's version of Bourbon Street.

Okay, maybe it's not that bad...all the time.

Anyway, while we waited for Repeatie McDoItAgain to arrive, I ran up to Superfresh to get that leg of food shopping over with, as well as so that we would have something for dinner.  I happen to know from past experiences with the stellar maintenance guys that it would be stupid to hope to go out.  Tomorrow, now that we have a functioning bathroom and can therefore behave like normal people, with all that cleanliness nonsense, I intend to visit the Headhouse FarMar to see if it's any better on Sundays than it was two Saturdays ago, then (if it sucks) the Italian Market for garlic and cherries at least, and finally (if it doesn't suck) Whole Foods to complete my list.  And then, I'll be able to make...

1. Chickpeas Romesco on Saffron-Garlic Rice, both from Veganomicon.  I must admit, I'm a little nervous about using saffron again, but I'm hoping the garlic will keep it's floral scent in check...or it will be the most nauseating smell ever.  I'm not hoping for that.

2. Pasta Della California, also from Veganomicon.  I feel like I've been quite adventurous enough lately and need to remember it is okay to repeat dishes more than once a year.

3. BBQ Pomegranate Tofu on Coconut Rice, both from Vegan With A Vengeance.  Just because it's soooo good.

4. Jerk Seitan on the leftover rice, from VwaV.  I'm working my way into a pattern here.  I use up the extra Coconut Rice with this recipe, and then (you should know this is coming), I use up the extra Pomegranate BBQ sauce (best thing ever) with....

5. BBQ-Flavored White Beans with Sausage and Spinach from Vegan Express.  Someday, I will find another recipe that calls for that 1 cup of leftover BBQ sauce, but until that sad day, I will continue to make this recipe within one week of making the BBQ Tofu.

6. Broccoli Pasta with Savory Sauce, recipe here.  That was dinner tonight.

Now that the bathroom works, maybe we'll focus on the kitchen light.  Again.  Even though my heart stops beating every time Mister has to climb up and change it (roughly monthly).

I mentioned when I made this dish originally that I wanted to tweak the sauce a little.  To compare with the recipe you can link to above, this time I used 16 oz V8 Spicy Hot instead of tomato sauce, compensating for the thickness by making a slurry of 1 Tbsp cornstarch dissolved in an equal amount of room temperature water.  I still did not add the harissa because I wanted to see how Spicy Hot the V8  made the sauce without harissa's help (not very).  I increased the PB to 1/4 cup, the tamari/soy sauce to 2 Tbsp, as well as the red wine vinegar to a full teaspoon.  It still needs a little something, but it's getting there!

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