Wednesday, September 22, 2010

special wednesday hummus

Tonight I learned two things:

First, it is much easier to devote your brain power to "what am I having for dinner?" when you don't have to bother with pesky side-thoughts like safely operating a motor vehicle.

Second, regardless of the privilege of devoting my whole brain to filling my stomach, I still didn't know too much about what I would eat by the time I arrived home.  I can't say I wasn't closer, but I still didn't have a definite plan beyond this: It would involve the sweet potato that has slowly been trying to sprout legs and run away.

I purchased the sweet potato at least a week ago and it has been sitting on my counter next to the recipe for which I originally bought it.  Sometime between buying the sweet potato and tonight, I lost my zeal for the recipe, kindly shared with me by a colleague.  She and I were swapping oatmeal strategies today while she was surreptitiously eating instant oatmeal from a coffee cup at her desk, and it might have sparked a renewed interest in the other recipe.

I have no pretty pictures, but Martha does. 

Tonight's dinner was Sweet Potato Hummus with pita wedges.  I was going to slice some celery sticks as well, but I was quite full by the time my pita got me through about a cup of this stuff.

It is a charming shade of pumpkin orange and covers a pleasant range of tastes from the exciting bite of raw garlic to the steam-enhanced sweetness of the yam.  It is a very simple recipe and I had everything I needed on hand.  I doubled the amount of garlic, as I commonly have to do with dear Martha's recipes and I added a total of 6 Tbsp of water to get everything full incorporated and to the right consistency.

It makes a ton, so I have about two cups in GladWare in the fridge, and I put some into a small to-go container for Spunky - she loves hummus and has admitted to eating an entired tub by herself in a night.  At least this one is a little lower fat.

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