Monday, January 31, 2011

somebody loves me

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy not too far from here, (also known as the 1980s) a man named Michael W. Smith was getting some quality airplay on the radio (remember the radio??).  His music colored at least part of my adolescence, alternately preventing me from doing something stupid and causing me to think with a little more depth about where my life would go.  I remember one song that attached itself to my heart in a particularly possessive way:
Somebody love me - come and carry me away
Somebody need me to be the blue in their gray
Somebody want me the way I've always dreamed it could be
Won't somebody love me, love me?
Talk about the heartcry of a teenage girl!  Are the lyrics cheesy?  A vegan wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole.  Do they perfectly sum up the lovesong almost every good girl with an eye toward marriage sings in the depths of her heart?  Does a bear....ahem, you get the idea.

Anyway, before I veer too far off course, I just want the world to know that somebody loves me.  My favorite part of every day is coming home from work and seeing my husband and kitty.  On Mondays, this is particularly rewarding since I hate to leave them after a beautiful Sunday spent together.  On this particular Monday, though, coming home was even better than usual due to a surprise I got upon opening the door to our apartment:

What?  Doesn't everyone's sweetheart write love notes with Sharpies on scrap paper and then suspend it at eye level just inside the front door using dental floss and scotch tape?  How adorable is that? 

Or for that matter, how cute are these big, doleful eyes?  Angst is getting so worked up over the move, I feel kind of guilty that I started packing so soon.  I just know how time gets away from me and I didn't want it to be this time next week with nary a book nor trinket packed.  In a few weeks, he'll be fine and have fun exploring his new home, but for now he's quite the sad sack.

Anyway, with Angst keeping a close eye on me from Mister's dining chair, I prepared a dinner he didn't have the remotest interest in begging for: Pasta Jambalaya from Vegan Express.  This recipe is so good and although I really enjoy making it with cavatappi pasta (because cavatappi pasta looks cool), I really think the rotini made for a beautiful photo.

I also used fresh parsley this time, which I don't ordinarily do.  I really hope I'm able to cultivate a little window herb garden in the new place because I truly enjoy cooking with fresh herbs, but they're just so darn expensive.  The parsley isn't terrible and you get a lot for your money, but I don't think I've ever used it all.  With little herb plants growing in my window, I can just take what I need and let the rest continue to grow and thrive until I need more.

On a (pretty much) completely unrelated note, there's been a lot of chatter lately about Whole Foods selling out to Corporate Satan Monsanto by compromising on Genetically Engineered alfalfa.  Due to spending most of my weekday waking hours at work and most of my weekend hours packing, I really haven't had the chance to explore this topic as much as I'd like to, so I would love to get a little feedback from my peanut gallery, if you'd be so kind.

1. What are your thoughts on GMOs, and/or the Whole Foods "situation"?

2. Are you interested in reading my take on GMOs in general, the implications of Whole Foods meeting Monsanto "halfway," and what that means for me and my choices as a consumer who cares about my health and supporting agriculture that shows caring for world health?

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