Wednesday, March 23, 2011

creative cooking with Natalie

Because sometimes, when a recipe says "spinach" what it really means is "kale."  As in, the bag of frozen Blue Curly Kale that I've had in the freezer since we moved in.  I bought it at Whole Foods because I'd never seen frozen kale before and I was more than just a little curious about the Blue nature of it.  The one thing I did not get while food shopping this past weekend was a bag of fresh spinach and the weather was far too cold, rainy, and all around miserable for me to stop on the way home from work tonight, so it turned out to be quite serendipitous that I had the bag of frozen greens.

And I do mean green.  Not blue.  That was profoundly disappointing.  Apparently, kale is either green or red, but not blue.  Also, there were a ton of chopped stems in the bag - I would guess almost half the contents of the bag were stems.  As such, it wasn't all that attractive.

So, instead of Garlicky Tofu with Spinach over Pasta from Vegetarian Times: Fast and Easy, we had garlicky tofu with frozen green curly kale.  It was pretty good, although I think the frozen kale left a bit to be desired and in the future I'll be sure to have fresh spinach, or at least some kind of fresh green.  The key word here is fresh.

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