Wednesday, March 9, 2011

sandwiches save the day!

I'm a big fan of utensils.  I like using forks and spoons, and when the occasion presents itself, I even like to use knives (when I can remember which hand holds them).  I don't mind "finger food" necessarily, but I don't particularly enjoy getting oil or sticky-ness or crumbs all over my fingers/hands if there's another way.

Yes, sometimes I do eat pizza with a knife and fork.  I have no issue spearing a french fry with a fork, either.

Anyway, my Sandwich Saavy is a little underwhelming, to say the least.  Something I found completely intriguing when I bought The Urban Vegan last year was how many recipes involved sandwiches.  The picture Dynise painted, though, was one of sophistication and elegance, rather than the not-so-attractive picture that is Me With A Sandwich.  MWaS usually involves graceless gnawing, possibly unappealing ripping apart of a formerly handsome sandwich, and probably a quickly deconstructed pile of carbs and "other stuff."  In other words, I'm not one of those women who looks sexy eating a sandwich.  I'm pretty sure I look something like a cross between a pig and a teenager.

So, although I would love to open my stylish, reusable lunch-carrying-device and gently lay a cloth napkin across my lap before gently taking a small bite from my pumpernickel and sprouts sandwich, generously spread with Sandwich Mousse that does not squish out the other side of the bread and fall onto the pretty napkin, I think we'll leave the Euro-style lunches to Dynise for now.  Let's talk about dinner instead.

Last night, I had a meal I have dubbed The Dinner of Champions purely because I was a little appalled at the combination of things I ate last night.  To provide a little background, I ended up getting home from work early since the police had to evacuate our building to search for the bomb the mean man called about.  Ordinarily, this would create a great opportunity for me to spend a little extra time making a special dinner.  However, upon my return, Mister shared with me that he had just learned of a friend's death and after we sat together for a while, he determined he did not want to eat.  I did, so I made a sandwich with apple butter and peanut butter, and then did my best to eat it without splooshing the apple butter out the back and on my un-napkined lap.  I was a little heavy on the apple butter, so I found myself craving something savory.  I heated up one of Mister's frozen hashbrowns and while I waited for it to get crispy and greasy, I poured a glass of Tempranillo-Merlot (it seemed like a nice splurge after the whole evacuation thing).  A little while after eating my hashbrown with mediterranean sea salt, I realized I was still hungry, so I made another sandwich.  Then I decided sandwiches + hashbrown + red wine was a deadly combination for my recovering digestive system.  Actually, the pain and nausea made that decision.

Sorry, no pictures, but I figure you all know what a sandwich looks like and if you've never seen a hashbrown, it's time to call your parents and ask them why.

Tonight, I got home late, as if to make up for yesterday.  The train was late, which is always awesome when it's whirlwindy and cold and threatening to rain, and then I had to stop at Whole Foods for bread and apples, so I decided to make my fastest cooking meal.  That just happened to be Lemony Garlic Chickpea Patties from Vegan on the Cheap.

The first time I made these, I found that the "dough" didn't stick together very well, so this time I added a little extra liquid in the form of vegetable broth.  Despite that, it felt like these little patties were a little lemon-heavy.  They also packed a bit of heat from the garlic that is still lulling around my mouth (I think I'll probably taste it until tomorrow).  I really like these patties, but a few tweaks will make them even better.

Next time, I'll press the garlic instead of chopping it and hoping the food processor does the rest.  It doesn't.  I liked the addition of the vegetable broth, but it seemed to make the dough a little too sticky, so I think I'll add it a little more slowly and give it time to work into the mixture more next time, or I'll add more Vital Wheat Gluten.  The first time I made these, I had gotten a great deal on Meyer lemons.  The difference in taste between the juice of those two little lemons and the "normal" lemon I juiced tonight was quite significant and definitely in favor of the Meyers.

Nevertheless, it was easy, Mister liked them, and we got to eat potato things, which is always a happy night in out home.  I'm happy to be halfway through the week because once again, I am looking forward to a productive weekend.  Hopefully, I won't get sick again!   Thank you to Kelly and Jackie for your thoughtful comments on the last post :)

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