Tuesday, March 1, 2011

never going to unpack

Alternate Title:  I spend too much damn time "at work" and will never accomplish anything besides making dinner and staring at my computer for a few minutes during the week.

The thought of waiting until the weekend to do something about the pile of boxes in my bedroom and "living room" makes me more than just a little crazy, though, so I'll be brief (didn't I say that last night, before yammering on?) tonight.

I made Salsa Rice and Red Beans from Vegan on the Cheap for dinner tonight:

It looks a little different from the last time I made it because I used Basmati rice in hopes of speeding up the cooking process and having more free time tonight to be productive.   It's 11:25pm.  Clearly, that worked.

Anyway, I really like this recipe.  It's easy, it lends itself well to variation, which makes me happy when I want to be a little creative but still follow loose guidelines.  I like being familiar enough with a recipe that I can just kind of glance at it amid the chopping and sauteing and happy stinking up the kitchen.  No fire alarms tonight, though, thank heavens!

Sometimes I think about cooking for a living and I wonder if that would take the joy out of it.  The things I like about cooking are things that would make for a rewarding occupation: I love the gently guided creative process, I love that there is always a tangible result for your efforts, and I get great joy from nourishing the body of the person who eats my foods.  Even if it's just me, it makes me happy to know that I have created this nourishing thing (that also tastes good) that I am eating to sustain myself.  When I make oatmeal with fruit and nuts for breakfast, I sometimes wonder if that will be the most fulfilling moment of my day.

Maybe that's why I've stopped making it on weekdays.

No, it's actually a time concern.  I already spend too much time getting ready for work, traveling to work, etc. to get up even earlier just so I have enough time to make oatmeal.

Okay, time to move some stuff.  Nothing throws off your getting-ready-for-another-stimulating-day-at-work zen like trying not to trip over myriad boxes and bags.  If I accomplish nothing else tonight, I want to clear the mess in the bedroom.  Maybe tomorrow I'll get to the stuff that has consumed my couch and, well, the entire cozy living area.


  1. I have *got* to get my Vegan on the Cheap cookbook out and make more from it. I made a couple recipes, then got distracted by some other shiny object I'm sure.

  2. ha ha, GV - shiny things distract me, too! That cookbook is so full of great stuff, though, and has probably saved me well over $100 since I bought it. There's also that sense of accomplishment from the DIY section at the beginning of the book. Happy cooking!