Monday, February 28, 2011

remember me?

Wow - I didn't realize I just let three entire days pass with nothing... sorry about that.  Let me fill you in on the dinner situation:
Maoz falafel salad
Maoz falafel salad (so fortunate that they are right around the corner now)
Peanut Butter and Apple Butter sandwich

Exciting, I know.  The rest of the time?  Spent it lying flat on my back or drinking vitamin-enhanced water and slurping soup (Mister made it last even longer by adding leftover pasta to it).  I can't believe how sick I ended up being!

Anyway, last night, Mister and I finally completed our move and today I turned in the keys to the old apartment.  How liberating!  We're both in a decent amount of pain and are unanimous in our decision that next time we move, we're paying someone else to carry all our crap for us.  We're too old for this. 

In all seriousness, though, you have to come to a point where you realize that even if you're only moving from one apartment to another one that is only marginally larger, you can't continue to pull off the college-style move: get a group of friends and DIY.  There comes a point when you can no longer deny that you are a grown-up with a lot more stuff than you want to carry down two flights of stairs and down the street to the only legal place to park, then repeat, except this time you're going up two flights of stairs.  By the way, everything is heavier when you're carrying it up stairs.

Nevertheless, we are finished moving things in and out of places and all that remains is finding time to put it all somewhere.  I don't have much time that I'm not at work, in transit, or sleeping, and the time I do have I try to spend cooking (and then babbling about it), so I'll be brief tonight and hopefully get a few things "put away" before bedtime.

As I'm sure you can imagine, after about 2 weeks of at least 50% take-out dinners, I'm really ready to just have everything set up so I can actually cook food.  It's far less expensive and I enjoy it.  As I set out to make dinner tonight, I realized how discombobulated I am right now.  I couldn't find my cookbook, even though I knew exactly where it was (and exactly how peeved Angst was that I put books all over his favorite Lying-On Shelf).  I couldn't find towels upon which to drain the tofu, even though they were just a short arm-reach away.  Finding a prep bowl was maddening.  And, because this is my cooking M.O., I set off the fire alarm for the first time - but I'll tell you, that was some crispy tofu!

I made Better Than Take-Out Tofu Stirfry from Vegan on the Cheap; it seemed a bit ironic.  Besides, when I went to Superfresh to get munchie-things to make Mister happy, I picked up some fresh, pre-cut broccoli (despite it being a complete waste of money) and I wanted to use it before anything went too wrong with it.

I made this before, to mixed reviews.  Mister loved it because broccoli is awesome.  I was not at all pleased with the tofu; in the recipe, you are instructed to coat the tofu in cornstarch.  All it did last time (in my opinion anyway) was make a huge ugly mess, so this time I just flash-fried the tofu and I liked the results much better.  I would have enjoyed the whole experience more if I had a bit more kitchen feng shui going on and wasn't so busy trying to figure out where my spatula was to actually read the recipe.  The sauce is outstanding, though, and I'm always amused by how the seemingly disparate flavors of Asian-influenced sauces actually come together into a tasty cohesion.

One final note that is part question: I served our stirfry in stoneware bowls with painted wooden chopsticks.  At the conclusion of our meal tonight, Mister requested that we not eat out of those bowls with chopsticks ever again, as the chopsticks scraping against the bowl made a sound he likened to nails on a chalkboard.  I didn't get that, but I refuse to use these bowls for anything that involves silverware for the exact same reason.

Have any of you encountered this auditory trouble when using stoneware dishes?

Our favorite bowls are also stoneware, but they are coated in a thick glaze, which seems to make the difference.  These bowls are just straight-up stoneware with matte coloring; no nice glossy glaze to protect our ears.  Does anyone know what I'm talking about?  Any last suggestions before they're relegated to prep bowls or decor?

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