Friday, February 4, 2011

welcome weekend: wine & chocolate

I made it through the week, the day.  I'm home, with a loving husband and a sweetly snoozing kitty.  I'm halfway through my second glass of Montepulciano.  The first glass accompanied a tasty dinner, of which I couldn't get enough:

I love the color of those deep red kidney beans - they're nearly purple against the tawny colors of the Rice Island Casserole from Vegan on the Cheap.  I think it only took me half the time to make it this time around, due to a not-so-secret trick I used to ensure the rice actually cooked: I cooked it in the broth, separate from the rest of the ingredients, only combining everything for the last ten minutes while the liquid cooked off.

I had two and a half helpings - I couldn't stop eating it!  Surprisingly, I think my overindulgence was owed at least partly to the way the single dish satisfied all the tastes our mouths desire: sweet and savory, etc.  That's my opinion, anyway, because normally, if one taste dominates a dish, I find myself foraging within an hour, looking for whatever the opposite taste is. 

Speaking of which, my second glass of wine accompanied a deliciously dark square of chocolate, thanks to Endangered Species Bug Bites.  I wish I had a second one, especially since three squares equals a full serving.

I'm happy to put this week behind me and greatly anticipating next weekend and preparing to move.  For now, though, it's time to finish up the wine and get some sleep, a precious commodity this week.  Menu tomorrow!

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