Tuesday, February 15, 2011

everyone loves pictures!

I'm finally back online - I swear, you never realize how reliant we've become on technology, namely being connected to the World Wide Web, until you take a few days off.  It was a mixed bag - on the one hand, I barely knew how to function and really wished I had gone ahead and added internet to my cellphone and on the other hand, it was kind of nice to not feel obligated to my online "responsibilities."  No facebook, no twitter, no email...but also no weather, no bus schedules, no way to reserve a car... Anyway, that's over now (unfortunately, thank God)!

I would love to share with you some witty stories of the fabulous home-cooked meals we've...not been eating, and although I'm sure there are some people in my life who are curious about what exactly we eat when we're not eating some bizarre combination of vegetables, spices, and grains, I don't want to bore the rest of the world with how awesome the french fries I had with my eggplant & lettuce sandwich were.  I am happy to report, however, that under the new management, the South Street Diner has returned to 24/7 status!  Mister and I are rarely up and out late enough for that to matter, but we found it comforting nonetheless that we could wander over there at 3am if we wanted to.

Enough babbling - let's have some pictures!  If any fun stories come up, I'll interrupt the picture parade, but for now, let's see what I've been up to since Saturday.

moving day, pile one

pile two (ok, there were more piles,
I just didn't take pictures of them.

Some people have trouble believing I really wear skirts and dresses all the time.  Some people can't believe I don't have a single pair of jeans to wear or a single pair of sneakers hiding in the darkest recesses of my closet.  Some people are under the impression that when I "have no one to impress" I look like everyone else.  Well, sorry to disappoint anyone who was hoping to see me in my Gap jeans and Abercrombie-branded pastel t-shirt and Adidas kicks, but I figured there were at least some people who would be interested to see what I looked like while moving.  Here ya go!

admittedly, a rare shot of me with my hair up
So, you may remember that my new home has a [working] fireplace... fireplaces are probably pretty hard to clean, seeing how the purpose is to incinerate a piece of matter until nothing remains but fine gray dust particles.  A certain someone decided to christen our new home by spreading what was left of the dust particles beneath the grate around the living room (did I mention how happy I am we have hardwood and not carpeting?).

As a result of his misadventures, I had the privilege of christening Angst.  He really did not enjoy that.  He should have thought of his dislike of large amounts of water pouring over his head while Mommy scrubbed him up with something that smelled like lavender and rosemary before he decided that the fireplace was a good hiding spot.  The fireplace is currently being blocked off by one of my antique bookshelves, laid on its side until we can buy a real gate.

poor little bugger kind of looks like a gremlin

After all the drama of pulling a dusty cat out of the fireplace and then trying to drown him while getting gray slime all over our new tub as he did his best to climb/jump out and escape his watery fate, nearly soaking Mister and I with lavender-rosemary-scented, gray-tinted water, I decided to "christen" our new home in a slightly more orthodox (and far more pleasant) way.

I had no idea where my wineglasses were (probably not in the big box labeled, "Wineglasses & Noritake tea set") so I just opened one of the boxes marked "Fragile" and unwrapped a juice glass.  Wine is really just glorified grape juice anyway, right?

As a quick side note, I realized something while packing.  Everything I own (besides clothing), can be placed into one of these two categories: Books or Fragile.

Anyway, since Angst took a little ash-bath with his formerly nice, black collar on, it was beyond disgusting and in need of replacement.  I took it off of him before his bath, saved his pretty pink tag and tossed the collar.  Every time I opened the front door I was terrified he would escape without his tag, so I got him a new collar the very next day.  I figured he would enjoy a hot pink collar to match his pale pink tag.

"yes, actually, I was neutered.
I don't like to talk about it."

One of Angst's new favorite places to spy on me is from on top of my piano.  He couldn't really hang out on it before because it was in our bedroom, but now it's in the living room and I have very mixed feelings about him sitting on it.

This is my awesome new fridge.  Not new, mind you, but new to me.  I've always thought the fridges with clear shelves were so neat.  I am particularly pleased with myself right now, though, because look at how pristine that fridge is!  The previous tenant's idea of cleaning the fridge upon vacating the apartment looked something like this: removing whatever food she had in there.  There were crumbs and remnants of spills, even some dried up "fresh" herbs and pieces of the papery skin of an onion.  I cleaned the heck out of that fridge.

Well, that's all for now.  I will have more fun updates soon, as well as a before-and-after post once everything is set up and we're completely moved in.  No menu, because despite my weariness of eating out, I still haven't had a chance to unpack or peruse my cookbooks or shop.  Time to get moving before I fall asleep - these boxes aren't going to unpack themselves!


  1. I am sorry Angst, but I am laughing... with you, of course. And I do love your very pretty pink collar!

    I once lived in a house with a fireplace, and my little black kitty discovered how to jump up into the bottom part of the chimney. Scary! And messy! I taped it up after that.

    Congratulations on the move! Moving is horrible, but a nice new place is exciting. :)

  2. Um, yeah, I would have needed the whole bottle of wine if I had to bathe my cats! YIKES! Nice to see you back online!