Saturday, August 8, 2009

jambalaya jamboree

I was so right about how long it takes to make jambalaya. Fortunately, I thought of this ahead of time, so we got to eat dinner around 10:30, rather than around now. I made the delightfully named Seitanic Red and White Bean Jambalaya - it took about as long as the other recipe I have, and longer than Isa says in Veganomicon, but it is so worth it. We were starving by the time it finished cooking, so despite the burning of our tongues, we dug right in and went back for more.
It was so flavorful and the chunks of seitan hiding throughout really added something texturally that was missing from the frozen-thawed-squeezed-and-cooked tofu in my other recipe.

I remember when I got Vegan With a Vengeance - I read it all the way through, like it was a book book, not a cookbook. I just love the way Isa writes and it was sprinkled throughout with little vignettes. I remembered one of her comments while preparing the Jambalaya tonight. She mentioned that because of her involvement with the punk scene when she was younger, she got used to cooking for an army. I thought of this while adding the 4 cups of broth to the 2 cups of brown rice, 1 pepper, 3 celeries, 8 oz of sauteed seitan (I dare you to say that five times fast), and 28 oz of tomatoes. I checked the recipe again and tried to figure out what size a serving would be if I was following the recipe to a "t" and it was supposed to make 6 servings.

^ This is what was left of the Jambalaya after I had two good-sized servings and Mister went back for thirds. Yes, that is a wooden spoon embedded up to the handle. Here's the "leftovers" shot:

Those two containers (each one full) equal eight and a half cups of leftover Jambalaya. Sorry, Isa, but I think you forgot the "1" in front of the "6" in your number of servings...

Oh well, at least I know lunch will be great...all week.

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