Wednesday, November 17, 2010

biryani in a hurry

So, I have this weird thing that happens when I eat an apple.  I'm starting to think I may be the only person alive afflicted in such a manner, so please, if you also suffer from the problem I'm about to share, please let me know.  I feel so alone...  ;)

Anyway, I eat an apple and I'm full and happy because apples taste good and take a little while to eat.  It's apple season, so I'm presently chomping my way through at least one a day.  Here is my problem: I am ravenously hungry within an hour of eating an apple.  Not just a little hungry - so hungry I can't make dinner until I stuff an olive in my mouth to pretend I'm eating.  It's bizarre because it's not just that the apple has apparently digested quickly and abandoned my stomach - it's as though in the process, it hijacked everything else I ever ate and went hiding somewhere.  It feels sometimes like I'm actually hungrier after eating an apple than I might have been if I hadn't eaten anything at all.

Anyone else or am I just a freak who should consider a new favorite fruit?

I have another Biryani recipe, which I mentioned when I laid out this week's menu.  It was the first biryani I made and I proudly made it for anyone who would eat it because I thought it was so spiffy.  That recipe, though, is better relegated to Special Dinners, as it is quite time consuming.  Compared to tonight's Vegetable Biryani from La Dolce Vegan, my original recipe has far more ingredients and requires a great deal more effort, since there is sauteing and simmering and baking before the eating.  Tonight's biryani simplified the process, which I dearly needed by the time my hungry self got home.  A few simple but complementary ingredients, set to simmer together on the stovetop for about 20 minutes, which gave me a little time to heat up the oven, set off the fire alarm, and make some garlic naan.

Laborious and burdensome though it may be, I am trudging on through my taste-testing for the chocolate round-up I hope to publish this weekend.  It's difficult, eating square after square of high-quality vegan chocolate.  I do it all for you, dear readers. 

Okay, I guess I do it a little for me.  You can see, however, that the chocolate always seems to be propped up against a glass of red wine, which is my reward for putting myself through these vigorous tests... and dark chocolate and red wine are such great friends, each enhancing the other's best qualities, while affording me the feeling of luxury if only for a fleeting moment.

Stay tuned - this weekend should finish things up and see the round-up come to fruition!


  1. No, you are not the only one. Even if I have just eaten a big meal, give me an apple and before I know it I am prowling the cupboards deperate for something to cure the gnawing hunger.

    I always eat my apples sliced with some Sheese or some almond butter now, and the addition of something else to it has magically transformed it into a long-lasting snack!

    I look forward to the chocolate round up. You are suffering greatly for us. ;)

  2. THANK YOU! See, the thing is, I do know the trick about adding a healthy fat/protein to slow the lightening speed with which the apple abandons me, but I'm usually eating the apple as a little portable snack...although I have recently purchased some one-serving packs of Justin's Nut Butters...

    I'm glad you appreciate all I'm going through to make sure you can make an educated decision in the chocolate aisle :)

  3. Not the only one, Natalie.

    The glycemic index of a medium sized apple is 38. On the lower side, but a cup of pasta is 42 for comparison.

    Like the previous poster, I try to eat my apples in conjunction with a bit of protein. But I agree, apples are such a nice portable snack. Especially at this time of year.