Tuesday, November 2, 2010

simple supper, best in show

I think I had the best burritos I've ever made tonight.  I realize that's quite a statement, but you have to understand - I have to like something a lot to have a third helping.  Besides, it's not like I'm bragging on my own brilliant recipe (see yesterday's post for that) - all I did was assemble a bunch of ingredients from an advertisement I saw in a magazine.

Yup.  An ad.

I've actually found some pretty awesome and super simple recipes in advertisements for various goods.  In this case, the ad was for Eden OrganicSpicy Rice and Beans Burritos looked fun and simple and it was all that and more.  I have to admit, even though I used organic canned stuff I was still a little concerned about the quality in canned rice-n-beans.

Please, Eden Organic, accept my most sincere apology - I have not been this wrong in at least a week.  After coaxing the mixture into my saucepan, I started to think it might not be too awful, though mixing it with the refritos made it a little less attractive.  Per the quick-n-easy recipe, I assembled sliced avocado, sliced red bell pepper, salsa, tortillas, and romaine,

and then realized the easiest way to do things was just to assemble my own burrito and let Mister do the same.  By the way, while attempting to eat the burritos, I also realized that in the future (and there will be a future), it would be better to cut the red peppers in half...very messy when combined with brown slop and ripe avocado.

my first helping, before rolling

Mister's first two
 The burritos were a charming combination of mushy savory warmth from the beans and rice along with some serious fresh crunch from the romaine and red pepper.  The avocado provided a creamy "pull it all together" kind of element.  I think one reason I loved them so much is because they remind me of the kind of burrito you would get somewhere where they pay people to make burritos (you know, like a burrito joint or Baja Fresh), but fresh and not as unhealthy.  It was also plenty messy.  No matter how well I thought I had wrapped up my burrito, the bottom kept falling out...I think I'm still getting little bits of refried beans and avocado out from under my fingernails.  Oh well, a lady's got to use her napkin eventually.

This is not spinach.  No matter how appealing Mister tried to make the Not Spinach he dropped on the floor while assembling his burrito, Angst wanted nothing to do with it... because he knows it's not spinach.  Can't fool him.  That's why it's still on the floor (well, no, not really - I picked it up after I took the picture).

I hope everyone is enjoying VeganMoFo so far!  If you still don't know what I'm talking about, feel free to click on the link and find out.  There are hundreds of fantastic blogs just waiting for your hungry eyes.  Here's a short preview of some topics I want to cover this month:
  • a chocolate round-up (and maybe, *fingers crossed* a giveaway!)
  • scary vegan foods omnivores don't realize they're eating (if I don't save them, who will??)
  • making peace with peas
  • what difference can one vegan make?
  • another fabulous hot breakfast recipe (probably this week)
  • beauty/hygiene product round-up part 2
If there's anything missing or you have anything to add, please, feel free!  Leave me a comment with any topic, question, or recipe you'd like to see on Angst Loves Spinach.  You can also let me know through Twitter, if that's your thing.

Enough from me - I have to go send my sister my favorite chili recipe!


  1. *Someone* has to warn people that their spaghetti marinara is, uh oh, vegan. Ha!

    As much as I like cooking, I think veganism can use some more "can of soup" type recipes.

  2. Yum! I am totally craving mexican food now.

  3. Those burritos look gooood. I'd like one now, please!

  4. Molly - You'd be surprised, though, how frequently parmesan is snuck into seemingly innocent marinara!
    Hope & Andy - if you click the name of the recipe, it will take you to the recipe on Eden Organic's website. I can't tell you how simple it was to make - do it!
    PS. Andy, how's life in the Pacific NW? Adjusting?