Monday, May 9, 2011

garlic lovers pizza

Soooo....remember my theory about poisoning myself with overdue vegetable broth?  Remember how I doubted my theory because Mister ate the same dinner I did but without getting sick?  hee hee.

By the way, the alternative title for this post is: How To Poison Your Husband Without Really Trying (just so you can eat leftover pizza for dinner).

So, yesterday, while I was getting my hairs did and buying food for us to manipulate into all kinds of meals, Mister didn't really eat anything.  Like he's inclined to do, just as I was about to start cooking, Mister decided he was starving, so before I could stop him, he had pulled out the leftover Orecchiette con Broccoli, microwaved a good portion and ate it.  I waited for him to double over and give birth to an alien via surprise caesarean, but it didn't happen.  This only further confirmed my initial thought: I'm a mutant and there was nothing wrong with the dish.

Fast forward to tonight.  After enthusiastically greeting me at the door upon my return from a harrowing day, Mister revealed that he had been feeling sick all day and wasn't all that interested in eating a big dinner.  As luck would have it, I was exhausted and frustrated and didn't especially mind the thought of not having to cook a big dinner.  After venting to Mister with many flailing gesticulations ending with my hands on my hips, I decided to wallow in our shared comfort food - pizza.

I grabbed my box of leftover Marinara Pizza from Pietro's from the fridge and heated up the toaster oven.  I was startled by the chunks of garlic all over!  I remember their prevalence at the restaurant, but I think it was dim enough that I couldn't behold their true size - these are some large slices/chunks of garlic!

I love garlic.  I do.  All you need to do is type "garlic" into the search window on the right --> to see how many posts are devoted to my romance with this stinky vegetable.  But I'm not quite hard core enough to bite into half a clove of half-raw garlic.  Sorry if that disappoints anyone.  See, I think the [palatable] difference between Stella's Marinara Pizza and Pietro's is that the cooks at Stella clearly sauteed the garlic before laying it over the pizza.  I'm pretty sure the cooks at Pietro's chopped up some raw garlic and threw it on the pie before tossing the whole mess in the oven for 10 minutes.  10 minutes of roasting in a brick oven is not enough time to cure garlic of its less attractive qualities (like staying on my breath and tastebuds for nearly 24 poor students).

I left the garlic on my pizza while I reheated it, hoping the best parts of the garlic would attach themselves to the marinara and/or crust, then pulled them off one by one.  This was not too difficult considering some of the "slices" were a half inch thick.  This ^ is the pile of garlic I had left after plucking them off.

In case you're wondering, they did leave behind a delightful flavor but without all the "I'll still taste this when I wake up in the morning" -ness. 

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