Wednesday, May 4, 2011

smoothie operator

Soooo.... I think I'm the only blogger I know who doesn't have at least a mild obsession with smoothies, especially of the green variety.  I kind of blame VegNews and Kris Carr, and a little bit of that blame should probably be shared with Vitamix - the ubiquitous appliance that everyone wants but no one can afford...until that magical day.

So, while I wait for my magical day and fantasize about the things I would do with a high-speed $500 blender that can make heated soup one minute, then create a creamy soft serve "ice cream" in the next, I keep coming back to smoothies.  I have absolutely nothing against them.  In my own way, I quite admire them.  But I don't drink them.

There are a few reasons I don't drink smoothies:
1.  I am way too lazy to wash my blender every day.  I am way to lazy to wash my blender once a month.  It's a miracle my food processor is clean right now.

2.  I am on too tight a budget to afford the magical ingredients.  That is probably a cop out, actually.

3.  I am ravenous when I wake up.  While a smoothie would be a completely appropriate choice for its fast prep, I really like to chew on my breakfast.  I would far rather eat an apple, banana, and kiwi bite by bite than I would like to blend them all together into what would inevitably be a very tasty smoothie.

4.  Once I have eaten my chewable breakfast, I cannot justify the calories in a smoothie.  I have this "either or" conversation in my head.  Either I eat my breakfast or I drink it.  I can't eat breakfast and then get a smoothie on my way to work.

5.  Since I'm not some big athlete, I can't think of why I would drink a smoothie any time other than breakfast.

Regardless of all this, I have recently become infatuated with the idea of drinking one.  Not just any smoothie will do, though.  It's really Kelly's fault, because she had to go and put up a post about Pure Fare, a relatively new eatery (drinkery?) near Rittenhouse Square and when I read the menu in the background, I realized I would actually have trouble choosing my flavor.  Kale-Apple sounds (and looks) amazing, but then I noticed Carrot Pineapple and thought, "ooooh...." but then I was intrigued by the Spinach Coco...

So, I guess what I'm saying is.... be on the lookout for my first smoothie post, coming soon to a blog near you.


  1. do you think carrot pineapple would taste like carrot cake?

  2. oh heavens. Jackie, that would be amazing. I think you helped me make my choice.

  3. I am totally with you about the smoothies. I never really thought a drink would fill me up for breakfast.. and cleaning the food processor/blender is a pain!

    Except, 2 days ago, I made my first smoothie with banana, maca, vanilla and flaxseeds. It is super filling. I may have to put up with cleaning my food processor every morning. :)

  4. I drink a lot of smoothies for breakfast in the summer (I am starving in the morning and like to chew my breakfast, too) and find that they are very filling as long as I include oatmeal or hemp protein. Sometimes what I do is have 2 breakfasts, a smoothie or juice as soon as I wake up and then a piece of toast with almond butter later on at like 10am or so. I aim for 400-500 calorie range for my breakfast, but spreading it out is nice because I feel like I digest better and am not ravenous when lunchtime rolls around.

    Let me know if you want to meet up for smoothies at Pure Fare! Am thinking of going this week to try the Cashew Banana.

  5. Kelly, that would be fabulous! I work outside the city, so weekdays might be tough (or very early), but I'd love to make a date for a Saturday smoothie if you're game.

  6. Saturday would be great - just let me know what time works for you, I am pretty close to Center City.