Wednesday, May 25, 2011

naked burritos & a skinny margarita?

Count me in.  The clouds finally loosed their chokehold on the Philadelphia region today and allowed temperatures to struggle into the 80s under a humid but sunny sky.  I can't say if it was a gorgeous day, since I was stuck inside a cube farm for the few hours I wasn't in conference/training rooms, but I sure enjoyed the walk to and from the train station!  If ever there was a nice night for commercialize, fake "mexican," tonight was that night.

I really wish refried beans didn't look like the lovechild of Vomit and DogFood, because they taste so good!  They made a fabulous and binding middle layer between the seasoned rice and lightly spiced vegetable melange.  This dish is so easy to make - my only complaint is related to my stovetop, in fact.  I didn't realize this when we were moving in because the difference is really minute, but this stove is definitely smaller than my old one - I can't use the front and back burners on the same side without my relatively small pots bumping into each other.  If I had to guess, I'd say that probably isn't very good for the enamel or whatever.

Crowded stovetop aside, the meal comes together in no time at all and tastes great.  The sweet crunch of the corn and carrots is calmed by the spinach but completed by the squishy, savory refried beans.  The rice, lightly seasoned, provides a simple but flavorful base, as well as adding some neat texture.

Speaking of texture (how'd ya like that segue??), I stopped for another smoothie on my way to the train.  This was actually quite intentional - I ate the tiniest bit I could for breakfast so that I wouldn't be shaky-hungry while trying to apply my makeup, then planned to get another smoothie at Market East.  However, as I walked up Chestnut Street, I found a little cafe that looked like it was just waiting for me to try one of their smoothies.

I walked into Munchie's Cafe and decided to order the Blue Moon Smoothie.  Turns out, they were definitely not waiting for me to come in and order something.  Considering their very poor customer service, I think it's a miracle anyone goes in there - I won't again, regardless of how tasty my smoothie turned out to be.  A person should not have to wait 10 minutes for a blended beverage when she is the only person in the cafe.

The Blue Moon smoothie is made up of bananas, blueberries, apple juice, and ice.  Although I really want to give Munchie's some kudos for reusing plastic containers, I think it might be in the best interest of their non-dairy-consuming customers' peace of mind and continued patronage not to keep the blueberries in a Dannon yogurt container.  I can't say I was too happy to see the girl who was making my smoothie approaching the blender with that container after I specifically asked if that smoothie was non-dairy.

I think I can say that I get it.  I get the smoothie obsession.  I understand its ability to take over an otherwise normal person's breakfast schedule, especially if a person who doesn't get enough sleep is pressed for time in the morning... I understand the appeal, too, of the Magic Bullet and may have to shell out the big bucks to buy one of my very own so I have complete control over my smoothies and no reused yogurt containers come near them.

In the past year, I've fallen in love with matcha green tea and smoothies.  I have to say, I'm a little nervous about trying out the green juice at Pure Fare, especially since other people who like tea and smoothies seem pretty into it...

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