Tuesday, December 14, 2010

chilly = chili

I could tell you how cold it is in Philadelphia, but you wouldn't believe me and you're probably tired of reading about it anyway. I'm way too tired to waste your time or mine, so I'll skip right to the solution:

Tonight, we dined on Chili and Polenta Casserole from Vegetarian Times: Fast and Easy.  I can't believe it's been almost a year since I've made this.  I did manage to escape injury this time around and though I don't have such an amazing memory that I can recall a dish last made in the first week of this year we're about to kiss goodbye, I am pretty sure it was very different from the first time I made it.  It sure looks different!

I haven't made it sans deviation yet.  This time around, I did not include any pepper - neither jalapeno nor red bell pepper colored this dish, to its detriment, I believe.  It was also very hot, which is certainly helpful on the coldest day of the season so far, but I wasn't expecting it and could have done with a nice glass of Riesling to chase it.  At the last minute before putting it in the oven, I was incredibly disappointed by the bland appearance of the polenta, and I knew nothing much would change during the brief bake, so I sprinkled some extra chili powder over them.  Finally, for reasons I may never know, Whole Foods was 100% out of Yves meatless ground and it's the only brand of soy crumbles my stomach tolerates.  I didn't have it in me to check Essene and it's been too cold last night and tonight to detour past Whole Foods on my way home.  Fortunately, I had two Tofurky Italian sausages left over from last night's rice and beans, so I used them instead.  They worked in a pinch, but I won't do it again [on purpose].

Mister was pretty darn happy with dinner - apparently the polenta was an acceptable substitute for the usually mandatory tortilla chips we didn't have.

Time for a bedtime snack and then I'm taking my exhausted self to bed!  We were kept awake past 2am last night thanks to our less-than-considerate downstairs neighbors, but that's another rant for a more energetic time.  Sweet dreams, sweethearts.

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