Thursday, December 2, 2010

quick slowcooker soup

I love irony and oxymorons.  I also like saying "oxymoron" around people who don't know what that means.

I've made the Black Bean Soup with Kale and Rice from Vegan on the Cheap before, just to see if I could.  It's in the Slowcooker section of the book.  Problem is, I don't have a slowcooker.  Although I'm beginning to see the value in such a device, I still lack the space to have/store one, so for now, I get to figure out how long something would simmer stovetop if the recipe calls for several hours in a slowcooker.

crappy picture - camera is angry right now

Speaking of several hours, it feels like I just wasted that amount of time poking around on the internet.  It really can be a colossal time-suck sometimes.  I'm just so brain-dead at this point in the week, I had all these great plans for what to do after dinner (you know, like cleaning up) and I completely lost the motivation.  Here it is, nearly midnight, and I'm babbling about the internet sucking up my time when I could be babbling about the awesome heartiness and flavors present in this soup!

I know I made it once before, but I really don't remember it having such defined tex-mex tastes.  Maybe last time I wasn't as generous with the rounded tsp of cumin.  Maybe fresh thyme makes a bigger difference than I imagine.  In any case, Mister went back for seconds, which is promising anytime I make a soup, but especially when he finished the bread he ordinarily would have eaten with the soup.

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