Monday, December 13, 2010

it's beginning to look a little like Christmas

With only two weeks until the happy day, I finally put up my little Christmas tree.  I don't even know how long I've had this, but it's been with me the whole time I've been in Philadelphia, so at least since 2002.  I have a collection of ornaments that are entirely too big for my little Charlie Brown tree, but every year, I push my luck a little more to see if I can make them fit somehow.  I really hope next Christmas I can finally get a full-sized tree.  Although there is something charming about real trees, that will probably wait until we're on the first floor of a house.  Besides, I found one of my dream trees at a home design store that just opened on South Street.

my mom hopes I'm kidding.  I'm not.

Anyway, I've been a little blue this Christmastime.  I'm probably just run-down, exhausted from working my butt off all week and then trying to get everything that needs doing done during the weekends.  Or maybe (as evidence by my irresponsible grocery shopping today) I'm weary of worrying about money.  Either way, despite trying to brainwash myself with my favorite Christmas CDs, I'm having some trouble getting into the holiday spirit this year.

Market East Train station decked their halls before Thanksgiving and I pass Santa Claus a few times a week when I cut through the Gallery to tunnel beneath my frigid city.

As I had hoped, there were a few clear (if not overcast and gloomy) hours during which I went to Whole Foods and spent way too much money on groceries.  To be fair, I was also replenishing my face wash and moisturizer.  However, as I was passing the milk and "milk" section, something caught my peripheral eye and made me stop and back up and contemplate whether happiness was worth $2.50.

Oh yes, it absolutely was

Clementines were also on sale

Once I got home, it started raining, so I moved on to my inside-chores.  I was amazed at how easily the dough came together in my food processor for the crust of our dinner, Samosa Pie from Vegan on the Cheap

When I baked the crust, it fell down from the sides of the pie dish and kind of poofed out in the middle.  Fortunately, the sheer weight of the potato-chickpea-green stuff goodness pushed it back down and even managed to reconstruct the edges a little.

It was very good.  Mister seemed to agree, since he had three servings.  We love samosas, so I'm sure I'll make this again.  Besides, I finally got to use my rolling pin!

I'm trying to ignore that tomorrow is Monday and that I should go to bed soon, so I'll leave you with a full-length shot of my little Christmas tree.

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