Wednesday, December 22, 2010

hit a wall

That's it.  I'm done.  There's only so much a girl can take before she gives up and orders pizza.

Dinner is brought to you (actually, ME) this evening by Blackbird Pizza

The Yukon Pizza - paper thin slices of potato, sprinkled with fresh rosemary, cracked pepper, and coarse sea salt on a thin crust that balloons out to what could be a breadstick on the edge - is definitely my favorite so far.  I've had plain Daiya cheese, seitan sausage, and avocado as toppings, and Mister and I tried the hand-cut fries and cheese steaks shortly after they opened.

glamour's like there are potato chips on my pizza

I am exhausted and worn out and stressed to the max.  I can only convince myself to return tomorrow because I have an absurd sense of duty/work ethic and a strong desire to behave as an adult in contexts where that is appropriate.  It doesn't hurt to remember that when I walk out those doors tomorrow night, I won't set foot in that building until the new year.  I don't think I have ever needed or earned a break more than I have this past month.

It seems like people naturally put on weight this time of year, especially people I work with.  It's a little ironic, considering we work for a weight loss company, but I think I've cracked the code and it's not the parties.  December is absolutely the busiest month of my year, as well as the mid-level management as they/we struggle to get everything ready for the busyness we anticipate will occur the minute Christmas (read: eating holiday) is over.  Although I generally put a lot of care into the way I fuel my body, and although I recognize that machines run better on good fuel than "cheap" gas, there is something to be said for the sheer, ridiculous comfort "junk food" can provide.  Additionally, the closer we get to Christmas, the more cookies and snacks find their way into the building, on to my desk, and into my belly.  Hopefully, this crap will refrain from setting up camp, but regardless of that unpleasant possibility, I just don't like eating junk.

But it tastes so good sometimes.

And it's so available.  Someone, get the cookies off my desk.

Regardless of the occasional and fleeting guilt I feel about eating more cookies than fruit this month, I have given up on trying to behave - I'll detox next month.  This must be how holiday weight gain occurs: you get to a point where you are just too stressed out to care or you feel like you "deserve" a cookie or you just stand in your kitchen with absolutely no desire to cook even though you have this amazing recipe you can't wait to make.

It'll have to wait until tomorrow. 

I like the way you think, Angst.

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