Monday, October 18, 2010

can we do that again?

Wow!  I don't know what happened yesterday but it seems like a lot of you enjoyed my Apple Almond Oatmeal recipe...or maybe it was my stimulating discourse on queso-less quesadillas?  Probably the Via...  In any case, I appreciate all the folks who came to my blog and who directed others here as well!  Within the first 24 hours Refriedillas and Via-to-go was up, it skyrocketed to the top of my most popular posts, unseating the picture parade post that had held that spot since July.  I hope I don't disappoint tonight!

Backing up a moment to yesterday - it was an absotively, posilutely gorgeous Sunday, which I spent wandering all over my fair city, without so much as a light jacket.  I really had one major goal in mind - I wanted, nay, needed to go up to Sephora.  I have been without pure white eyeshadow for too long and it's really starting to limit my color palettes.  I'm also approaching the bitter end of my two favored lipsticks, so I was in search of lip color.  Before I had a chance to do that, though, I got notice from Candi KaBoom that Salon Sugar had a cancellation, so I darted across the street for a desperately necessary haircut.  Have you noticed I wait for the last possible minute to do most things?  For the record, I have never run out of my Prizm.

That's actually a really dorky picture of me, but it does show off my hair.  It also shows off how crooked my face is, but check out that lipstick!  I did head up to Sephora after getting my hairs did and I got my white eyeshadow, as well as the lipstain you see modeled so demurely above, and a bonus prize - I found vegan, roll-on perfume!

Urban Decay Yeyo matte eyeshadow and Greedy lip envy lipstain, with my shiny new vial of Pacifica Mediterranean Fig.  I don't ordinarily like smelling like food (aside from garlic), but it's really more of a green floral scent and very subtle.

Later in the evening, Mister and I braved the severely beautiful weather and went on a date to Pizzeria Stella.  We split an appetizer of broccoli rabe and rosemary flatbread, then Mister got a quattroformaggio (=4 cheeses) pizza while I got the marinara - spiced sauce, sprinkled with fresh oregano (what a treat!) and juicy slices of garlic.  I washed it down with the house red, which is a light, easy-to-drink Montepulciano d'Abruzzo and Mister had a Kutztown Red Cream Soda.

Today, though, was back-to-reality time for me, and even though I think I nodded off on the train, I did make it up to work and then got through most of the day by reminding myself that this was a three day week and when I was finished today, I'd be 33% through it and that much closer to my California vacation!  Yes, in case you were wondering, I do have "California Girls" stuck in my head, relentlessly "hearing" the chorus over and over again.

I rewarded myself by making Bok Choy and Baked Tofu Stir-Fry in Ginger-Citrus Sauce from Fat Free Vegan blog.

Aside from lacking mushrooms, I'm happy to report that mine doesn't look too different from Susan V's and that's always a victory in my book.  Her picture is much prettier, but she is a much better photographer than I am and almost definitely has a much better camera for that very reason.  Regardless of the way it looks, this little dinner was just as tasty as I had hoped it would be.

In her recipe, Susan mentions that the sauce will only have a hint of citrus flavor which can be enhanced, should the chef desire, by adding in some grated zest toward the end of cooking.  I have to admit, I didn't believe that it would be that subtle, since the freshly squeezed OJ is more than half of the liquid in the sauce, but she was right - it was very subtle and as a result, the sauce was perfect.  I would have liked it to be a little thicker, but it clung to the leaves of the bok choy magnificently.  I was really just excited that Whole Foods decided to have baby bok choys this week, because I've actually  been wanting to make this for the two weeks since I found it, but sometimes WF is a bit of a stinker about consistently stocking non-local foods.  The nerve! ;)

Tomorrow, I have one last "fresh" recipe to make before we enter "Eat everything in the house" mode.  Honestly, we'll only be away for a long weekend and I just finished soup that had been hanging out in the fridge for longer than that, but there's something about actually leaving the apartment for an extended period of time that makes me panic that any food left in the entire apartment will rot and sprout new wiggly life.  Hopefully, nothing will eat Angst's auntie/pet-sitter!

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