Friday, October 22, 2010

quick hello from sunny SoCal

we made it! we traveled all day yesterday and when we arrived at the hotel, Mister conked right out.  I ate some homemade trail mix for dinner and then joined him in well-earned slumber.  I'm dropping a quick line from Sister's house while Nephew is getting a bath.

A few observations:
Southwest is a chaotic way to fly - they have "general admission" seating, which results in a mad dash for seats.  Mister was able to convince one guy to let me have his seat so we could sit together, but I don't know if I ever want to deal with that again, even if they DO have the friendliest, most service-oriented staff I've encountered in years of flying.  Also, the majority of the snacks they provide (yes, Southwest still gives you food) are vegan!

Flying all day sucks.  Also, quick hygiene lesson: if you are going to be crammed into a metal tube many thousands of miles above the earth, please....shower.  wear deodorant. be nice to your fellow travelers.

Today, Sister and I went to Disneyland!  Very fun and I should have some great pics when I get home.  I got a great zebra print scarf and paid a visit to the Sephora in Downtown Disney for some Tarte Sugar Plum lip balm and Tahitian Gardenia perfume.  I also had an amazing veggie po'boy at Frontierland.  We had a delightful Italian dinner, where I ordered the special, Butternut ravioli in an aglio olio sauce with roma tomatoes and micro greens.  Unfortunately, I was too excited to eat the food to remember to photograph it, but I did get a picture of dessert which was AMAZING.

I'm off for now, but I'll be back when I can and when I get home, we'll have another picture parade!

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