Tuesday, October 5, 2010

coconooch florentine

Before I get too far into what will probably be a relatively short post, I just want to show you a picture and ask a question.

Can you see how incredibly green that spinach is?  I'm still in awe of the twice-as-expensive-but-totally-worth-it organic frozen spinach I used to make our Pasta Florentine tonight.  I thought about not taking pictures, since it wasn't all that long ago that I made it last, but then I looked at it and felt like I needed another picture to showcase how amazing a frozen vegetable can be.

Mister was having a hungry day so between the two of us, we housed the whole pot-full.  Besides the SuperSpinach, there were two things I did differently this time around.  I eyeballed my bag of nutritional yeast and decided it was probably exactly as much as I needed, so why bother dirtying another measuring cup when I could just dump the whole bag in there?  Probably more notable was my use of So Delicious unsweetened coconut milk [beverage].  I feel like it had a very different taste than when I have made the same dish using soymilk.  Mister didn't complain through any of his three helpings, though, and he doesn't really like the flavor of soymilk, so perhaps it's an improvement.  It did seem a little creamier - I'll admit the soy makes it a little tiny bit grainy in texture.

I feel like I should warn you in advance not to expect any creative one-serving recipes tomorrow night.  I already have my plan for Misterless Dinner - I pass by Blackbird every night on my walk home from the train, so since I was so busy today I could barely bring myself to make dinner when I got home, I'm going to give myself the night off tomorrow and stop in for some Daiya pizza....and maybe some cake.

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