Tuesday, October 12, 2010

get a helmet

Happy Tuesday!

I can't believe it's only Tuesday.  I have a feeling this week is going to drag by now that I'm so focused on next Thursday when Mister and I flap across the country to our West Coast fam.  Also, I had a heck of a Monday.

Since I was too busy being depressed and contemplating everything a person could possibly contemplate to convince him/herself that it's okay to lie down in a pit of depression for a little while, I couldn't find the energy or even desire to do much more than dump the leftover chili into my well-loved Calphalon 2.5-quart saucepan and pour a glass of Shiraz while it warmed up.  Wasn't I just talking about how ridiculously optimistic I can be?  Well, not always, apparently.

Although I still wasn't happy when today began, I'm pretty sure my evening doldrums were, at least in part, hormonally driven, so I picked myself up by my not-so-imaginary bootstraps and plodded to the train station this morning.  It wasn't the best day, but it wasn't the worst day either, and by the time I rode home in the second-oldest car in SEPTA's line-up, I was ready to actually cook a nourishing and non-disastrous meal for my beloved husband (and me!).

I can't really ever go wrong with pasta, especially where Mister is concerned and even more so if the pasta, true to form, is integrated into an Italian-type dish.  Enter Pasta with Beans and Chard from Vegan Express.  I've made this at least half a dozen times in the last year and Mister loves it every time.  I served it with some mixed olives and fake Parmesan.  I have to admit...there is a serious discrepancy between the vegan "parmesan" and the real thing.  Once this cannister is used up, it won't find its way into my refrigerator again.  Also, there is a DIY "Parmesan" recipe in Vegan on the Cheap, in that opening chapter that I would like to try.  Additionally, while my dear sister and I have been planning our West Coast adventures, I made the possibly bizarre request to go souvenir shopping at a local supermarket.  The main goal is to leave with a bottle or three of McCormick brand Garam Masala, but as long as we're there, I'd like to see if I can find some Parma!, which seems to be easier to find on the internet and West Coast of this grand country.

Angst thought he wanted to share dinner, but it ended up he was really just interested in loving my boot:

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